Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Long Lost MacBook Pro

Ok, so when my car was broken into last week on Emancipation Day.  I looked sadly into my car and was aghast to see my backpack stolen -- inside my beloved 15" MacBook Pro.

There was some consolation.  When electronics get stolen, you pray that there is a newer model out -- mine was two years old, and this time I was in luck.

Parked along 17th Street, NW

This Februrary, Apple released their new line of MacBook Pros with faster processors, more powerful graphics processors, an HD camera and a new port for something new and something cool: Thunderbolt.

Although, the new Macs look exactly the same as previous models, they boast Intel processors that are dual and quad core chips -- twice the performance of earlier models.

On the 15 and 17-inch models, Apple boosted the graphics with an AMD Radeon graphics chip which switches smoothly from one processor to the other, depending on use.

So, with these great options, what are the best choices:

I would go with the 15 or 17 inch, not the 13-inch.  In terms of speed, the 17 inch version is much faster, something I would notice with all the applications I use, simultaneously.

But there is one big drawback to the 17 inch.  The screen is way big which is good for programming -- but Yikes! it won't fit in my backpack -- well just barely.

And, no I don't want to walk around town with my MCB sticking out my bag -- the last thing I want to do is become another target.

Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Add CSS Drop Down Menu for Blogger

Step One:

Click here to go to PixoPoint

Step Two:

Select color for background, text, hover

Refer to HTML colors here

Step Three:
Copy the CSS code and go to Design, Edit HTML and paste the code just before the tag:


Step Four:

This erases the new Tabs found in Blogger that you will not need with the dropdown menu

Search for the tag /* Tabs and then delete everything inside the tag.

Step Five:

Go to Design, Add a Gadget and enter the HTML below:

span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; line-height: 20px;">

Step Six:

In order to makes sure your hover menu shows up

Search for (use Ctrl +F) for "position:absolute;"

Add the following: "z-index:100;"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transforming P&G

Proctor and Gamble started out as two companies making and selling soap and candles separately.  But in 1837, William Proctor and James Gamble decided to come together and form one company.  And for the last several decades been a great company and a mainstay of Wall Street and Main Street.    In 2003, it earned $43.4 billion in net revenues, making it the largest household and personal products company in the world.

P&G products are everywhere.  At home, when I do laundry, I use Tide or Cheer.  When I get sick, I use Vicks for a body rub.  For the babies, we use Pampers.  In the bathroom, I use Charmin.  In the morning, I brush my teeth with Crest, and I drink Folgers coffee. in 1987 P&G introduced the world's first 2 in 1 shampoo which is very popular today.

Hello Kindle, Goodbye Borders

"Books no longer, get lost on the shelf. They can be accessed even in the remote parts of the world, even that clunky textbook.  With the Kindle, once you buy a book, it's forever yours."


I used to love Borders and Barnes and Nobles.  I would spend countless hours, flipping away at shelves,  relaxing in the comfy chairs, eating away at books and sipping Seattle's Best.

Those were the days. Long, and lazy with nothing in store but a good book and an open mind.  Now those long, lazy days are long gone....

Planning for my European Backpacking Trip

When I was planning my trip to Europe, I knew I would spend countless hours waiting for a plane, for a train or riding on one.  Since I was backpacking, I had to travel light.  I was convinced then that I needed to purchase a Kindle.  And since Amazon had just reduced the price on the Kindle 2 by 20%, I was off running to Target to make that storied purchase.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Xerox and the Skunk

Xerox used to be a leader in computing.  Well, in 1969, they invented the laser printer.  They were the smartest and sharpest and no one was even close to matching them.

They owned the copier market.  But lately with computing, the lines between printers and copiers have blurred.  HP has gained market share with home based computing.   Xerox has been severely late to get products to the market and to establish relationships with Staples.

For decades, Xerox dominated the copier market.  But by the 1990s, they lost market share significantly.

Xerox PARC created one of the first personal computers.  Xerox PARC created the Xerox Alto in 1973 -- the first true PC.  First to use a mouse and a graphic user interface.  Unfortunately, the company's Alto system was never a commercial product and was built exclusively for internal use.  Meanwhile, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were given demonstrations of the Alto and the rest is history.

Peter Drucker Envisioned Social Media Impact on Project Management

Peter Drucker is a Business legend whose enduring work and advancement in management has made a lasting mark.

Many today consider the "Father of modern day management."  One of Drucker's notable achievements was the development of the concept: Information Worker -- a name he coined long before the internet was born to society.

Originally, project management was designed for manual work, like constructing a building or implementing a new system.  As America and many parts of the world departed from the industrial age and from being largely a manufacturing society, Drucker realized and understood the significance of knowledge sharing and how this new role would dramatically change project management and the world that we live in.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Twitter and Data Mining

 As a public affairs officer in the US Navy, I have been exposed to the reliability and speed of Twitter.  I have both used and relied on Twitter as a effective tool to communicate with media as well as to track the pulse of a story or idea.

Last year, the US State Department was very interested in the service and reliability of Twitter.  A mini revolution occurred in Iran after the Presidential election took place in June 2008.  Many Iranians who claimed that the election was rigged protested via Twitter. Twitter was the ideal medium because it was fast, could be employed and leveraged by almost anyone with a computer or cell phone and was difficult for the government to track or block.